Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clarity, And The Calm

Hey again.
Since my last post, things have actually gotten better. I haven't had any strange memory-like dreams, and I've been getting much needed rest. My life doesn't seem so bad after all.
Well, that was the good news. Now for some "bad" news. How can this post have any bad news, you say? Well, first, let me clear something up for you.
I know that someone has to have figured out by now that my posts seem a little... "inconsistent." What I am referring to is the peculiar break in flow between my second, third, and fourth posts. They don't quite "match up" properly, I suppose you could say. I'll tell you this right now: The third post was just an average every-day post, nothing too dramatically different I guess. The fourth post was correct as well, I guess. But the second post... well, it's not that easy to explain, at least for me I suppose, but I'll still try anyways.
The second post, as you may have noticed, looks like it should be "after all my my other posts", you could say. Because, it didn't describe my disposition at the time at all, not even my current status. I know this for sure. But that isn't even the strangest part- I remember typing all of that out and posting it, BUT, I can't remember why. I can't remember what reason I had for writing what I wrote, and then posting it nonchalantly like that. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I DID THAT. I.... I didn't even know about any "problems" that people were having, let alone me. But, now I can see that things seem to be setting me up to where that post will become accurate, as well as a "vision of the future" if you want to call it that. Once I figure more out, hopefully it can help me put all this to rest. Now that that's done with, I don't really have much left to say.

I will say one last thing though.... I can't help but feel that this time frame of peace was given to me to induce a false sense of security, as if it was the calm before a storm.... Hopfully I'm wrong about it, and soon I'll be able to get back to my normal life.


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