Monday, February 21, 2011

First Day Back, From A Forgotten Trip...

Well, how would I put this into proper wording? I suppose... I've been doing alot since my last post. Unfortunately, I can't remember any it. Nothing, whatsoever, not even a second of it.

Let me fill you in on what I do seem to know.

After I had finished my previous post, I began to feel very light-headed, as stated before. So, I went to go lay down on my bed for a little while. That's the last thing I remember. What I remember next, doesn't correspond to what I was doing or where I was last. I woke up, but not in my bed, however, I was in my house, near the front door. I was lying face down, arms by my side, I my body ached like no one's business. But it gets more interesting than that. I was wearing an entirely different set of clothing, and I seemed to have my bag beside me, which seemed to be fully packed. When it didn't hurt enough to move, I stood up, grabbed my bag, and went to my room, which had been left in the exact state as it was in before, give or take a few things. I set my bag on the bed, and opened it up. By the looks of the contents, it seemed that it was packed for a very long journey. It had several changes of clothing, empty food wrappers and drinking bottles (none of which I remember purchasing), a pencil and pen with a notepad, and several black markers. There were a few unexplainable items in the bag as well. Two cans of spray paint, one black and one red; a disposable camera; a key, which I have no idea what it goes to; a crumpled blank piece of white printer paper; one of my knives and it's sheath, which I completely forgot I even had; and also.... several tickets, for buses, trains, and airplanes. It seems the destinations were for all over the east coast, as well as a few places a little out west. I also had several receipts, for various things that I did not find in the bag. They were for various things, such as duct tape, bleach detergent, some chemicals I can't even pronounce, and also.... a hand gun. The last item really got my attention. I thought, "Since WHEN have I thought about buying a gun? Let alone decided to get one?" The fact that the gun was not present anywhere in the bag troubled me, so I went back to the front room to check for it. I didn't find it anywhere. I went out to my car (thinking that I might have driven it to get to some of the train stations or airports that I apparently went to), but it wasn't in there either. So I went back in the house and to back to my room. I stood over all the items laid out before me on the bed, trying to determine what the HELL I must have been doing. I didn't take too much time to think about it, because right after that, I felt an odd pain on my right shoulder, which apparently must have been masked earlier by the aching in my body. So I headed to the bathroom, took off my shirt, and looked in the mirror. What I saw made made me flinch. On my right arm near my shoulder, I had been carved up. It looked like it had been done by something sharp. My thoughts flashed immediately to my knife, which was the likely tool used for this job. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the cuts were in fact, arranged into some sort of weird shape, or symbol of sorts. It looks like an hexagon with two lines through it, which sort of look like an X. The wound seemed to have been cleaned as well, which was a relief at least. Still, I don't like the thought that I decided to do some "body modifications" to myself without knowing it. It's still kind of a shock to me.

So that was what I did last, before deciding to put this down in a post, as safety precautions, just in case something else happens soon (though I don't plan on it, hopefully). I'm going to take a more thorough look at the items from the bag, to see if I can come up with any ideas about them.

One thing is for certain though: I've been busy, and I don't know anything about it.


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